Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mall Walking

So today the girls and I went mall walking with our neighbor and her adorable 1 month old. We got to escape our four walls! I still haven't found a great solution to getting both girls to the car by myself since they aren't in infant carriers anymore. I loaded them up in the stroller and wheeled them down. It's not a bad solution but adds 10 minutes to getting out of the house. While at the mall, Maddie sat up front and Morgan was in the back seat(we have a tandem stroller). Maddie smiled and giggled at everyone and Morgan just zoned out.
For the first time there were people pointing at them and talking about them, when I can see and hear them doing it. It was just silly really! Anyways, we are going to make it a weekly outing. I think after we do it a lot, it will get easier and easier to get out of the house.

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