Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Green Beans!!!

So today was M&M's first day eating green beans. Every 4 days they get to try something new. They have liked pretty much everything I have made for them. Peas weren't a big hit but then again, I will never make them eat peas when they are older so its okay! If it's one thing that M&M like to do is eat. If they get cranky before a meal, I just need to sit them in their highchairs and they quiet right down. They like to suck on the straps and watch me mix their food.

We worked on sitting up which they are getting very good at. Hopefully they will be experts soon so I can put together the cool house that Grandma and Grandpa got for them for Christmas. Our neighbor and their 1.5 week old baby came over to hang out. It's nice to have company over. Maddie was singing (using the term loosely) the whole time. I was surprised Avery slept through it all.

Nothing too exciting to report today. Maybe tomorrow we will have a dance party. They like to watch me dance like a fool.

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