Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it spring yet?

Oh man, I am tired of being stuck inside because of the cold weather. I really wanted to take the girls for a walk today but with a wind chill of 13 degrees, no thank you. I dream of the day when I can pack them up and head to the beach and go for a walk or when they start walking themselves and can go to a playground.
Instead, we hung out at the house and practiced sitting up which I think they have mastered! They played in their jumperoo which they are getting really good at as well. At first they would just sit in it and play with the toys. Now they are bouncing and trying to reach for the toys hanging above them. Maddie also found herself staring back at her in the mirror. And she thought it was very funny. She sat there and giggled at herself for a good 10 minutes. It was awesome. Sorry I didn't catch it on video. Next time I will.

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