Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Picking!

Today was a gorgeous day in New England, perfect for apple and pumpkin picking. We drove up to Smolak Farms. We started with the apple picking and everyone did great! The girls loved picking up the apples from the ground except when they got one that was gross and half eaten by some animal. Maddie ate almost a whole apple and Morgan just would sample a bite from a few different varieties. Sophia refused to eat any because she has a very loose tooth and didn't want it to come out.

Then, it was off to the petting zoo and playground while I went to get the Apple Cider donuts. After we ate some donuts and played, we went on a hay ride. Morgan was scared at first but finally warmed up. She didn't nap yesterday so she was pretty tired.

Next up was pumpkins! We walked around the "pumpkin patch" and found our family pumpkin. Then, we headed up to the farm stand to pick little pumpkins for each girl.

It was a great morning out as a family. I love the fall!!! Here is what you really want, PICTURES!

Maddie is in the Dark blue sweatshirt and purple t-shirt and Morgan is in the light blue sweatshirt and pink t-shirt

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