Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here's an update for you...
Morgan is full on crawling. It is super cute. She always crawls over the house that is in the corner when it isn't in use. She had a cold last week that was pretty sad. She was super stuffy and had a horrible cough. Thankfully, Madison didn't catch it and neither did I. YAY!

Madison is up on all fours and going backwards pretty quickly. She usually gets herself stuck somewhere; under the rocking chair, under the couch or under the TV stand between the exersaucers. She is starting the yoga poses and gets very frustrated that she isn't moving forward. Maddie is starting to talk more. Her voice has changed and she sounds so cute. Unfortunately, they both love to talk at 4am!!!

Both of them are starting more finger foods. They have done really well with bread and sweet potatoes. The love Puffs and Mum Mums and yogurt melts.

This weekend they get to spend with just their daddy. I am going away for 4 days to New Orleans to hang out with about 30 moms of multiples. I am looking forward to meeting these incredible women who have supported me through bed rest, breast feeding and have given me great advice since I found out I was having twins. So if you don't see a POTD for a few days, blame Jeff! And I will update the blog with pictures when I get home and settled.

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