Sunday, March 21, 2010

2 crawlers!!!

I officially have 2 crawlers!!! Maddie is now moving in the forward direction. She is still a little slow and HATES the hard wood floor but she is crawling. Her knees will toughen up and she will be all over the place like Morgan. Morgan is a little ankle biter. She sneaks up on you and you have to watch out. They have been doing a lot more babbling and they are definitely Jeff and my daughters. They are super talkative and loud. They can go on for hours and they do in the early morning. It is so cute. It's almost like they are talking to each other.

They also love to stand now. They do a great job standing when they hold on to stuff. The music table is a huge hit again now that we put the legs on it. So they stand and play. Morgan loves to suck on the coffee table.

Madison and Morgan are getting more teeth too. They are a tad crankier than usual and shove everything into their mouths (not that they ever stopped doing it).

Tomorrow is their 9 month well check up. I can't wait to find out how much they have grown in 3 months. No shots, thank goodness. I will post their stats tomorrow night.

A few pictures for you:

Here is a 9 month picture FAIL

Remotes, Cell phones and Daddy's watch are the best toys

The girls staring out the window waiting for Daddy and Sophia to come home.

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