Monday, February 8, 2010

An update!!!

Sorry I have been MIA with updates. I was sick and then I got a bad case of the lazies. Not a ton is new, so I will give you the highlights.

Both Madison and Morgan's teeth have broken through! They both have 2 little white teeth! They are moving around like crazy. Not crawling but rolling and stretching and inch worming around. They love playing with each other now. Read: poking and sticking fingers in each others' eyes and mouth. Sometimes they will just look at each other and start smiling and laughing. It is THE best sound in the entire world. They are also into binky (pacifier) stealing. Maddie and Morgan are so much fun to play with.

Here are some bonus pictures from today to prove some of my points.

And for one more picture... click on the A few of My Favorite Things blog button on the right! My girls are on that blog as well today!

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